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The PZG Organisation Zietemann GmbH has been the professional partner for specialist companies and associations since 1980.

We have organised over 250 events. This speaks volumes about our capability.

We know 80 cities and 120 conference and meeting institutes in Germany and neighbouring countries personally.

Legal experts, doctors and other scientists are included in our client base.

And in the medical sector, there are hardly any specialist areas for which we have not organised a conference or symposium.

General medicine · Anaesthetics · Angiology · Surgery · Gastroenterology · Geriatrics · Gynaecology · Hygiene and Microbiology · Immunology · Internal Medicine · Cardiology · Clinical Chemistry · Nursing · Cancer Research · Laboratory Medicine · Laser Medicine · Microbiology · Emergency Medical Aid · Psychiatry · Radiology · Emergency Medical Technology · Urology


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